1. Anonymous said: how would kai show his affection when his girl naturally has a really nice scent? (now this sounds weird...lol) nothing like a perfume, but very mild floral fragrance... maybe because of her shampoo or something.


    Oh god I think he would love you to death! He wouldn’t be able to let go of you and would want to be close with you all the time. He would follow you whereever you’d go and back hug you whenever he would get a chance to. Jongin would hold your hand for the entire day and rest his head on your shoulder while back hugging you. He would be like a cute little puppy and act so adorable and innocent if you would get why he’s so freaking cute the whole day. He’d look down to his feet and stutter and be just be soooo freaking amazing it would hurt.

  2. uh i’m dying!!

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  3. carlpanda:

    Reblog for SoShi, Like for 2NE1

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    In your smile that’s like a spring day, the whole world gets brighter

  6. pltang:

    lol… not used to the change of alarm tone….

  7. Mr. Cho being appreciative of beauty [x]

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  9. Hyuk showed to everyone how Donghae danced SFS differently ㅎㅎ

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    Super Junior (K & M) version requested~
    So, did you make him all pretty? even more than he already is? (◕‿◕✿)

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